Training Weapons

Handgun and Pistols
Handgun Support Handguns are supported with either WRK lasers for dry-fire operation or WRK recoil kits for simulated recoil with no modification to the weapon. Dry-fire lasers are fitted with different ring sets for each pistol caliber including .38, 9mm, .40 and .45 Auto. Each weapon can be assigned a unique ID to be uniquely identified during MILO training sessions.

Carbines, Patrol Rifle and Long Guns
Long Gun Support Rifles are supported with both WRK recoil kits and dry-fire lasers which install in minutes and require no permanent modification to the weapon. Each weapon can be assigned a unique ID to be detected and individually identified during training sessions.

Dry-Fire Training Weapons
  • Any double action handgun with an IES laser is ready right out of the box with on any MILO system
  • "Red" Glock 17R. This is a special, inert training weapon with a re-setting trigger for dry-fire training
  • "Red" Sig P228. This is a special, inert training weapon for dry-fire laser training on the MILO systems

WRK Recoil Kit (weapons not included). IES has a full-line of WRK recoil kits and air station/reloading accessories for the MILO Range systems. WRK recoil kits include options for:

Firearms Training Options:
IES Use-of-Force products support virtually all commonly used service weapons via the included, drop-in laser inserts making the system ready to train right out of the box. IES also offers training-only weapons and WRK recoil simulation kits that quickly modify live service weapons into laser-based training weapons for use on MILO Range simulator.

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